Ours history

The company was founded by Mr. Pavel Vaněk in 1992. The seat of the company is in Pavlov, which is not far from district town Pelhřimov. It´s about 18 kms from motorway D1 (which make us very easy reachable).

For the first two years, we produced housing accessories for company Jablonex a. s. This firm export our products to western european countries. We had 5 employees at that time.

We made a breaktrough in 1993, when we start to manufacture for swedish firm IKEA.

After 2 years, we had 17 empolyees. Then we start to invest into new site behind our village Pavlov. At the new place began to growth our new production area and we moved stepwise to this new location.

Nowadays, we had more than 60 employees and we supply IKEA company mainly with products from solid wood for more than 10 years. All the time we try to invest into the modern technology because of higher quality and lower producing costs. We are able to manufacture products from solid wood according to the request of the customer.

  • our company was founded by Pavel Vaněk in 1992
  • headquarters is Pavlov 33, 394 01 Pavlov
  • till 1993 produktion for Jablonex a.s.
  • 1993 start up with IKEA
  • 1995 investment in a new building
  • next projects like FROJESTA & STRIPA
  • 2002 total production area 3.000 sqm
  • 2007 investment 500 TEUR in a new technology
  • next projects like TJUSSIG & STALL
  • 2011 project LANTLIV
  • 2011 next 2.000 sqm for production & warehousing
  • 2012 start up with RUSTA